Skills I Can Offer Your Project

Technical Support & Training
Website Design
Inventory & Accounting Systems
Online Shopping Cart
Good Images of Your Art
Marketing Strategy & Content Creation
Editing: Newsletters, Articles
Branding / Voice / Messaging
Project Management
Graphic Design
Curating & Portfolio Selection
Framing / Pricing / Printing / Editioning
Live Stream Video Production
Portraits & Headshots
Really... any sort of problem except sitting for your cat. (I'm allergic)

My Background & Art and Tech

I am an artist with 15 years of experience showing and selling my art. I have curated and hung countless shows. I am an expert in print reproduction and framing. I have shown in galleries, sold art out of my studio and online. I am a professional photographer, a designer, a live stream video producer and have a regular creative practice that helps me breathe, live authentically and delivers unexpected adventure.

My work in the art community includes: co-founder of, art director for the annual Art for AIDS benefit, board member of the City Art Cooperative Gallery, Open Studios committee member at I was also a software engineer for 15 years which means I am comfortable in all things technical. It also means I am an obsessive problem solver and you want me on your team when it’s time to brainstorm.

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